📢 It's official. The CPUC has voted to adopt the Virtual Net Billing tariff. Act soon to secure your access to VNEM 2.0.

Secure your multifamily roof’s solar value and ensure utility compliance.

The California Public Utilities Commission has voted to adopt the Virtual Net Billing tariff. Multifamily portfolio owners have until February 14 to grandfather their portfolio under the current VNEM tariff, which guarantees the highest solar program ROI.

Secure Your NOI

Lock-in VNEM 2.0 Rates

Multifamily owners in California with properties served by PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E have until February 14th to submit a Utility Interconnection Agreement.

This can be completed with a non-binding solar construction and/or financing contract.

Glow Energy and its experienced partners can secure this solar option for you before the deadline.

Ensure Compliance

The commission clarified that tenants must maintain utility account ownership in order to participate in the current and successor VNEM tariffs.

Read more about solar billing compliance on our blog here.

Glow Energy’s solar billing software is compliant with CPUC regulations. Reach out to discuss your current solar billing operations and how Glow Energy can help you achieve compliance.

Meet with our tenant solar billing experts

If you’re looking for guidance on how to navigate through these CPUC changes, Glow Energy is here to help. Schedule time to meet with us to learn how we’re helping some customers earn $1,000+ in solar NOI per unit annually while ensuring compliance with utility regulations.

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